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The NHS now stipulates an exhaustive list of documentation that we must hold for every locum we supply for a work position.

Copies of these documents have to be sent to the Hospital at the time of booking a placement, and some of the material must be submitted when first offering the locum for the placement.

All locums must be fully compliant before we are able to source work for them.

Listed below are the documents and information required in order to make you fully compliant and permitted to work in the UK under the current rules and regulations.

•             Current CV
•             Application Form
•             Identification & Address
•             Eligibility to Work in the UK
•             Professional Qualification Certificate
•             State Registration (HCPC)
•             Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Check
•             Completed DBS Declaration Form
•             Fitness to Work (health)
•             Mandatory Training 


Current CV

Please supply a full CV covering  showing work performed, qualification sobtained and professional memberships held.

All employment held for at least the past 5 years must be included, with an explanation for any gaps in employment. You should include the month and year of starting and ending each job, together with the job role and the name of the employer & department involved.

When we submit you for a job placement, we may amend your CV into a standard format which helps the client identify key aspects of interest to them.

You should submit an updated CV to us every 2 years, or any time you change jobs if more frequent.

Application Form

This can be a hard-copy version or you can download one form this website.

Please complete the application form as fully as possible, even if much of the information is already included on your CV.

For reference purposes you will need to include contact details for two separate employers from the past 2 years, one of which must be from your current or most recent employment of two weeks or more. Referees must have been your clinical line manager or equivalent. If you have only had one employer for the past 2 years, contact us to discuss who could act as your second referee.

You need to have a professional indemnity insurance arrangement in place which provides appropriate cover before you start work. You must inform us if this cover lapses whilst you are working.

Identification & Address

W require to see original copies of your Passport or photo-Driving Licence along with 2 documents confirming your address. If you do not have these, contact us to discuss alternative acceptable information. We shall scan the passport and driving licence to confirm their validity and return them by Special Delivery.

Eligibility to Work in the UK

We are required to confirm your Right To Work in the UK.  If you hold a UK Passport, this will confirm your identity and Right to Work in one go. If not, we need to see the original copies of any other documentation held to prove your legal Right to Work here.

Professional Qualification Certificate

We need either a certified copy of your Professional Qualification Certificate(s), or to see the original(s). If you hold dual qualification, or any additional post-graduation qualifications we only require to see the certificate related to the job roles you are seeking.

State Registration

If you are able to register with a State Registration body (typically the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), you should do. You MUST inform us if you have previously been registered and are now unregistered for any reason. You must also inform us if you are currently subject to any Interim Order or Conditions of Practice, or if you are currently under investigation by the State Registrar.

You must supply a copy of your current State Registration Certificate, and we will also perform an on-line check to confirm current status.

Sonographers are not registered with the HCPC, but those previously qualified as a Radiographer or other registered profession should register in that capacity as many departments insist on only taking HCPC registered staff.

Disclosure and Barring Certificate

We are required to obtain a DBS certificate at Enhanced Level in our own Company name before we offer you for work. And to renew this annually. The exception to this is if you are registered for the DBS Online Update service, in which case we require a copy of your latest DBS so we can validate it with the Online Update service. Otherwise, please complete the DBS Application Form provided.

Fit to Work Certificate

A Fitness To Work certificate, either from our own Occupational Health Provider – Healthier business Ltd is required prior to starting work. To obtain this we have to submit a completed health questionnaire together with copies of your immunity and inoculation for Hep B, TB, Mumps, Measles Rubella and Varicella. If you have a current FTW certificate, dated with in the past 12 months, that will be acceptable instead, but we must still have the evidence of immunity

Mandatory Training

The NHS lay down strict requirements on mandatory training, which generally needs to be completed annually. We can provide this training for you, or if you have completed it with in the past 12 months for another employer, we suggest you obtain a copy of the certificate(s) from that employer to save spending a day or more resitting the courses.

Additional Requirements

In addition to the above, you will be required to complete and sign a number of forms and to provide a colour passport-sized photo for your ID Badge, which will be sent toy you with a copy of our Staff Handbook.

Please note: We are aware that the above list is quite long. Unfortunately, the list is a mandatory requirement for all Recruitment Companies supplying the NHS. If you join another Recruiter who is not asking for this information, they are braking NHS and probably UK Government rules, putting your placement and future employability in jeopardy.