Code of Practice

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At Sonographers Medical, we believe that a clear understanding of expectations helps all parties perform to the best of their abilities.

We therefore publish a Code of Practice for our stake holders:

Code of Practice for Locum Agency Staff.

All Locum Staff are expected to act in a professional manner at all times. Locums are encouraged to show similar levels of courtesy and consideration to the Client Department, its Staff, Patients and Visitors “as if they were an employed member of the staff”

The Locums competency to perform a given task, whether or not that task was originally discussed prior to commencing the placement, is paramount. If a Locum believes they are being asked to perform a duty for which they have not had the relevant training, or for which they have not had recent experience, they MUST notify the Department manager or their representative before commencing the task.

If a Locum is unable to attend for a particular duty, they MUST notify the Agency or the Client Department at the earliest opportunity. Locums should ensure that their arrival and departure times are in line with the Department expectations and apply similar consideration to any meal breaks / rest periods.

It is the Locums responsibility to ensure that they maintain adequate levels of Continuing Professional Development each year. Also that such CPD is directed at the most relevant areas of their professional capabilities. Our Recruitment Consultants can offer advice on CPD as required. Locums should provide the Agency with evidence of their CPD achievements on an annual basis.

Any Radiographer, Sonographer, Radiotherapist, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Dietician, Pharmacist or other Healthcare Practitioner, may utilise the information on this website for any non-business purpose they wish. We encourage staff from Ultrasound, Radiology, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Dietetics, Pharmacy and any other Hospital based department to obtain professional information from as wide a source of inputs as possible, including this website.

Locums MUST maintain their State Registration. Copies of the State Registration certificate should be sent to the Agency each year. Checks are made annually to ensure compliance with State registration of all locums. Locums MUST notify the Agency of any matters likely to effect their state registration status.

Any accommodation provided MUST be left clean and tidy with keys, bleeps, etc returned as directed. The Locum MUST settle any bills before departure.

All Locums are asked to give one weeks notice of booked absence. In cases of longer term placements, leave should be booked in the first instance with the Client Department, to ensure that it does not impinge on the Clients operation.

Whilst we hope each Locum will tell all their friends and colleagues of the numerous benefits of working through SONOGRAPHERS Medical, we would urge our Locums to respect other peoples choices and not allow their natural enthusiasm over our company to effect their relationship with other staff.

Code of Practice for Client Departments.

Client Departments are expected to treat locums with the respect that their professional status deserves.

They are encouraged to show similar levels of courtesy and consideration to the Locum “as if the Locum was an employed member of the staff”. They should equally encourage a similar atmosphere of co-operation and trust from their entire staff team.

The Client Department MUST ensure that they are satisfied the Locum is capable of performing any task asked of them and that adequate supervision or assistance is provided when needed. The Locum should not be asked to perform more numerous or complex tasks than other members of the team, unless they have been specifically booked for a set task.

The Locum should be allocated similar provision of rest periods / meal breaks as the staff team.

Code of Practice for The Agency.

SONOGRAPHERS Medical Locum Employment Agency specialises in the temporary and permanent recruitment of a select field of healthcare practitioners. This is a field we have personal hands-on knowledge and many years combined experience of.

As such, we shall always offer advice and information to the best of our ability, to Locums, Clients and any other interested party.

We shall never knowingly attempt to place a locum in an unsuitable Department, nor place an unsuitable Locum with in a Department.

At Sonographers Medical, we realise that the quality of our Company is primarily gauged by the quality of our Locums, and as such shall do all in our power to ensure that each locum is able to perform their duties with positive, competent, enthusiasm.

We shall ensure that Staff payments are made with all due speed and that Client invoices accurately reflect the service provided.

In short, we shall do our utmost to ensure that the quality of service provided by SONOGRAPHERS Medical is unmatched and unsurpassed.