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Job Details

Sonographers Medical is looking for prospective candidates to fill in the shoes of a fantastic Health Care Assistant locum in a position near Hull.

We are looking for band 2, 3, and 4,5,6 candidates who can work during all manner of shifts, be it day or night or everything in between.

Candidates will be expected to have good interpersonal skills, since you will be expected to not only work with colleagues in a manner that creates an efficient atmosphere, but also is expected to make sure that the patients’ care and experience is the forefront of their focus.

Responsibilities for this role are wide ranging and comprehensive, and some of the responsibilities you are to undertake include cleaning up after patients, helping them get dressed, helping out with administrative tasks, and even paying bills. Not only that, but you are expected to provide patients with emotional support and company.

Applicants to this offer must contact Sonographers Medical at:

  • www.sonographersmedical.com
  • locum@sonographersmedical.co.uk
  • 020 9551 1299

We have a great referral bonus for any person who can successfully refer* someone else to a job position we advertise. Contact us at 020 9551 1299 for more information.


*Successfully get placed and work at a position, call us at 020 9551 1299 for further details.