Biomedical Scientist

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Job Details

Sonographers Medical is on the ques to find the perfect candidate to work with us! We are giving a brilliant opportunity for a biomedical scientist to work in a position based near Liverpool and Manchester. The ideal candidate will have at least 6 months of experience working in a position similar within the NHS in the past.

You will be based to work within a department dealing with blood sciences. As such, your onus and responsibilities includes being able to work in heam, trans, and morphology.

You will also be expected to work while maintaining the high standards that Sonographers Medical has as our representing locum. You will be on working for a 3 months, and if the client deems so, they may even offer you a job extension.

This position comes with benefits, not limited to:

  • Entitling you the choice to choose how you get paid; through PAYE, an umbrella company of your choice, or even your very own limited company.
  • A payroll that is processed by an in house team weekly, which allows you to have ease of mind as a locum.
  • Disclosure & Barring Service and a general compliance service.

Please contact our recruitment team if you’re interested!

  • 020 9551 1299